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Anti-inflammatory, Analgesic & Anti-Spasmodic

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Trypsin48mg + Bromelain 90mg + Rutosie Trihydrate 100mg


*Rheumatoid arthritis


*Tendonitis or bursitis

*Cellulitis & Abscess

*Sport injuries & sprains


An enzyme that speeds up a certain biochemical reaction which is needed to improve the function of the various body systems.

Helps to break down large protein molecules by cutting protein chains at specific sites.

Exhibits the properties of tissue repairing with antioxidant effects.

Maintains the balance in the inflammatory and oxidative processes that occur throughtout the various body systems.

Reduces the recovery time and pain early in the healing phase.

Hasten the healing of damaged tissue and thus promote a complication free recovery.


Bromeline as a supplement, used to ease pain & swelling and reduce inflammation.

A proteolytic enzyme which breaks peptide bonds inside protein molecules.

Exhibits anti-inflammatory action as a result of inhibiting the generation of bradykinin at the inflammatory site via depletion of the plasma kallikrein system.

Also inhibits the formation of fibrin by reduction of clotting cascade intermediates.

Reduces pain and improve knee function in arthritis when combined with trypsin & rutoside.

When taken along with trypsin & rutin, bromeline appears to help with osteoarthritis, relieving pain & improving joint function. 


A glycoside formedby combining a disaccharide & flavonol.

Exhibits antioxidant activity a well as anti-inflammatory & antihistaminic properties.

Increases the strength of the walls of the blood capillaries.

Regulates the permeability level so as to normalize pathologically increased vessel permeability.

Used therapeutically to decrease capillary fragility.