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Anti- Malarial

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Carica papaya leaf 375mg + Tinospora cardifolia 125 mg


*Dengue/malaria/typhoid fever

*Platelet Booster

*Acute microbial infections.


Carica papaya

Improves immunity against common infections and maintain body functioning.

Provides protection against malarial and dengue fever by improving body function.

Shows protective action in typhoid fever and boost the immune system.

Improves platelet action count within 72 hrs and accelerates the rate of increase in platelet count in DF & DHF.

Helps to repair the damage caused to liver cells due to dengue fever.

Carica papaya leaf extract and tinospora cardifolia extract combination plays an important role in fighting against oxidative stress and immune modulation.

Tinospora cardifolia

Improves memory, intelligence and higher mental functions.

Shows strong functioning of the immune system with highest hepatoprotective activity.

Bolsters host defense with proven efficacy in immune compromised conditions.